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His Curvy Best Friend - Curvy Girl Dating Agency

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Piper Sullivan

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It all started with seeing my best friend naked…
Now I can’t stop thinking about Stone.
About his hot, hard body, with more muscles than any red-blooded woman could resist. And then we kissed, and it was hot.
Hotter than it should have been.
And now he wants more…
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Piper Sullivan


“What do you think of my form, Stone?” Babs poked out her pink painted lips into a pout as she pushed her hips forward and engaged her core. Despite her over the top attempts to gain my attention, she was harmless. Mostly.

“Excellent as always, Babs.” She was extremely fit, taking good care of her body to keep it in tip-top shape. She always showed up to our sessions with her surgically enhanced chest encased in designer spandex, her blond hair fluffed to perfection and ten pounds of makeup on her face. And neck. “Square your shoulders a bit more and give me ten more reps.”

Disappointment flared in her big blue eyes but only for a second before her smile reappeared as she stuck her chest out. “Thanks, Stone. You’re the best.” Babs was what my friend Eva would call thirsty, but some attention was better than no attention, especially since I could get any from the woman I really wanted. My best friend in the whole world, Sophie. We met in the first grade and became instant friends, and then, sometime around the ninth grade, I’d been permanently friend zoned before I even knew what that meant.

“Yeah, thanks Babs.” That was how most of our sessions went, Babs making suggestive comments that I tried to ignore. Babs complimenting me, which I reluctantly accepted. Babs working her body hard, while highlighting it to perfection because she was a gorgeous woman, but she did absolutely nothing for me.

“I tell all my friends about Stone Cold Fitness when they ask how I stay in such great shape.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate that. Make sure to use your referral code for a free month or a free training session.” Stone Cold Fitness was my baby, the gym I’d built from the ground up in Pilgrim. And once again in Austin. Now I was looking for a third location, because not having what I really wanted had turned me into a classic workaholic.

“A free session with you,” she cooed.

“Or any of our other qualified trainers,” I added quickly.

“But you’re my favorite. You always make me sweat and give me such a good workout.” The husky tone of her voice should have had my body responding, but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing.

“You do the work Babs, not me.” It was my standard line with personal training clients, making sure they knew that it was hard work that shaped bodies and nothing more.

At the end of our cooldown, Babs grinned and placed a hand on her shoulder, hot pink painted nails that looked more like talons gave me a moment of pause. “How about you take me out to dinner, Stone? I know we’d have a good time.”

I had no doubt about that. Even though Babs did her best to look like a ditzy blond, she was an assistant college professor with a love for adventure sports and a good sense of humor. “Thanks Babs, but I don’t date clients.”

She rolled her blue eyes towards the ceiling, a disappointed smile on her pouty pink lips. “Whoever this woman is, she’s a lucky girl.”

“Too bad she doesn’t think so.” It was more personal than I ever got with clients. Hell I rarely admitted my feelings for Sophie to Xander and the guys, but if it helped her get over her stupid crush, I was willing to do it.

“Then she must be an idiot. You’re a great guy Stone. I’ve been putting out signals for months, and most guys would just take advantage while still longing for someone else. But not you.” Babs shook her head, her smile turning wistful. “Which is why I’m willing to be the woman who makes this chick see the light.”

I sighed. “I’m not sure that’s the best path forward, Babs.”

She shrugged and reached for the pink towel that matched her exercise gear. “It definitely is, trust me. But think about it and let me know, yeah?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I will. See you Monday, Babs.”

“I’ll be here in my brand new teal outfit. Just for you.” She gave a playful wink and sashayed away, certain that every set of eyes in the gym was on her slender waist and tight ass.

A whistle sounded behind me and then a hand dropped to my shoulder. “I can’t believe you keep turning down that beautiful woman. You must be sick in the head.” Xander’s laugh was deep and full of amusement as it echoed through the mostly empty gym since it was after eight on a Friday night.

I couldn’t help but join in, Xander’s laugh was contagious. And there was a possibility he was right, since lately Sophie had been going on about getting me to sign up for her matchmaking agency, Time For Love.

“Maybe I am. Even I don’t know anymore. Want me to put in a good word for you?”