Her Playful Billionaire (Seductive Billionaires #3) Read Online Emily Evans

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I did not expect to meet him like that.
Half naked.
Yet, it’s true that he’s been a gentleman about it.
Derek is not your usual billionaire.
He’s resilient, and desperate to prove him self; it’s admiring.
I hope he will take me up in the sky with him one day.
I know he’s an avid traveller but am I enough to make him stay?

Feeling like I have to prove myself has kept me away from home for so long.
Now, I’m back to celebrate my grandmother’s 100 th birthday.
I expected to be in and out.
But then I met her live in nurse: Katarina.
The second I pulled her in for our first kiss, my plans changed.
Yet, now she’s pulling away.

This is a sweet steamy romance. No cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. This is book 3 from the Billionaire series, but can also be read as a standalone. If you enjoy short romances with super-hot sex scenes and the sweetest love story, you’ll fall in love with this book.


Chapter 1: Katarina

There was so much bustle at the Henley Mansion I almost thought the president was visiting. Alas, it was only Stefan Henley’s prodigal stepson.

“I heard he used to model before he started his company.” A maid giggled as she walked with her colleagues.

“I heard his airline company was nominated as the most luxurious last year,” another one added.

“A company that's dedicated to flying the one percent of the one percent has to be luxurious, Jessica,” the first maid replied.

I rolled my eyes as I rapped my knuckles on Elena’s door.

“Come on in, Katarina,” her soft voice came from behind the door.

“Everyone has been talking about your grandson coming home all week. I feel like I’ve met five different versions of him already,” I said as I pushed the door open. Her bedroom was like every other room in the Henley Mansion and reeked of old money.

“Don’t believe all you hear,” Elena replied.

“Derek’s a sweet boy, he’s just misunderstood by most,” she replied.

“Hold still while I take your blood pressure.” I fished out my stethoscope and blood pressure cuff from my bag.

Wrinkles spread like spider webs from the corner of her eyes and her silver hair was pulled back in a bun. Elena Henley looked fragile at first glance, but it was hard to miss the mischief dancing in her green eyes.

“Hold out your arm.” I took out the blood pressure cuff.

Elena rested her slender arm on the arm of her chair, and I slipped the cuff around her slim bicep.

“Did you do something with your hair?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t,” I said as I began pressing the pump attached to the cuff.

I had bright red hair with soft gold streaks, like my genes wanted red hair but then decided blonde was also a good color.

“I really want to have hair like yours,” she muttered. “Help me color my hair for my birthday,” she begged and made puppy dog eyes at me.

“You should be excited to celebrate your hundredth birthday with your family,” I said as I dropped the cuff back in my bag.

“You’re such a bore.”

“I’m your nurse, Elena. Not your personal entertainer,” I said as I stood up with my stethoscope ear-tips in my ears.

“Pfft! You couldn’t be an entertainer even if you tried.”

“Hey! I can be fun!” I retorted, a little upset.

“Yeah, right.” She sucked in a breath when I placed the stethoscope’s cold drum against her chest. Her heartbeat was strong.

“You’ve been living here for over six months. Not once have you taken a day off to have fun with friends or even just relax by yourself.”

“Maybe I’m just passionate about taking care of sassy old ladies.”

“You only live once, Katarina. Take that from an old lady with a few regrets.”

“You only die once too. Take that from your nurse that wants you to be alive for your hundredth birthday,” I replied. “I’ll be back for your morning stroll in an hour. I have to report back to Doctor Ken and tell him you’ve not been taking your medication.”

“Tattletale,” she hissed, but I was already out the door, chuckling softly to myself. I loved that lady.

“OMG. He's here. Did you see his eyes?” a maid whispered.

“I would absolutely die if he looked at me with those eyes,” her friend replied.

I walked past them and when I arrived at the staircase that led upstairs, I stopped dead in my tracks.

He was tall. Very tall. He had jet black hair that was gelled back with not a strand out of place as he stood next to the stone fireplace. He looked as fancy as the living room filled with designer furniture and crystal chandeliers.

He wore an Armani suit perfectly tailored to his tall frame, and his icy blue eyes lazily glanced around as he held his cellphone against his ear. He had high cheekbones and full pink lips and when he laughed, he had a dimple on only one of his cheeks. The rumors were true. He was absolutely stunning.