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Heart of Summer - The Gold Brothers

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Max Walker

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The moment I locked eyes with Theo from across the bar, I knew my life would change.

I just didn’t know by how much.

Before I met Theo, I was fine with occasional hookups and drowning myself in work. I didn’t realize how burnt out I was getting until he came into my life and showed me what a good time really meant, roping me into situations that blew my mind (among other things).

Good times always come to an end, though.

Both our worlds get rocked completely off course when Theo receives shocking news that changes everything. Meanwhile, the stalker obsessed with my family takes their attacks to a whole new level. The situation pushes us into leaving New York and going to my family’s animal sanctuary, where Theo and I grow even closer while the threats grow deadlier.


Relationships weren’t my thing. I never imagined myself falling for someone, especially not as hard as I fell for Maverick Gold.

But life surprises you sometimes.

Trust me on that one.

Surprises became a common occurrence from the second Mav and I shared our first kiss. Surprises in life, in the bedroom, in my job at Stonewall Investigations.

One thing remained constant throughout: my explosive chemistry with Mav.

That connection is what helped me handle the shocking news that was dropped into my lap one day, altering the entire course of my life. At the same time that I found myself working on the biggest case of my career.

Yeah, life definitely likes surprises.
Heart of Summer is the third and final book in The Gold Brothers series. It's a full-length, steamy gay romance novel and can be read as a stand-alone.
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Max Walker


Maverick Gold

I loved being high.

Not in the “damn, this is some next-dimension-level weed” kind of way, but literally, as in heights. I loved being high up, feeling the wind in a way that was different from when you were on the ground. There was more of a sting to it, a sharpness that refreshed me. It didn’t carry the smells of dog piss and city trash, and it wasn’t produced by a speeding subway train or a cab racing past. There was a purity to the air that I loved.

Or maybe that was just because there was less of it up here?

“Maverick! Mav, come take a picture with us!”

Alecia Hayes, one of the top attorneys at our firm, waved me over to the group of smiling faces standing in front of the decked-out rooftop bar. She was flanked by Teddy, her assistant, and Rex Madison, my best friend and someone who rarely missed one of my law firm’s parties.

I walked over, swirling my glass of whiskey and taking a sip before fitting myself in for the picture.

“Okay, work!” Teddy said, checking out the photo before snapping their fingers in the air. “Mav, you’re fully smizing in this pic, look at you.”

“That’s probably the whiskey weighing his eyelids down,” Rex said.

“Probably,” I agreed, laughing and taking another sip of the smooth liquor.

“Well, whatever it is, it’s working for you.”

“Teddy, stop hitting on Mav, please.” Alecia cocked her head, smiling around her metallic straw, her bold red lips popping against the silver. “I don’t need another Kiran situation.”

“Kiran?” Teddy asking.

“My old assistant,” Alecia explained. “And Maverick’s old fling. It was cute at first.”

“Yeah,” I said, jumping in. “Cute until I found him stealing money out of my wallet and taking photos of files I had in my office.”

Teddy’s eyebrows jumped. “Oh… well, don’t worry. If we hook up, I’ll only want pictures of us cuddling and eating ice cream together, or some other romantic shit like that.”

I almost spat out my sip of whiskey.

“Kidding!” Teddy shouted, louder than the music playing through the nearby speakers. The group cracked up, Alecia dragging Teddy away by the elbow before they laid down any more moves.

“Teddy’s a hoot,” Rex said, leaning back on the bar.

“They are.” I set my empty glass down on the marble slab of a bar top, taking in a breath of the fresh air. Behind the bartender, dressed in all black, was a wall of emerald-green ivy, crawling up behind the rows of well-lit and exotic liquor bottles. Some of the green leafy tendrils even grew around a few of the colorful bottles.

We were at Sky Ivy, a well-known rooftop bar in in Brooklyn that was famous for its extravagant decor and ivy-covered everything. Even the white couches had been placed so that ivy trailed up its back and sides. It offered one of the most stunning three-hundred-and-sixty-degree views of New York City. Some people were brave enough to walk up to the glass walls that separated them from a fifty-five-story drop, while others stayed tucked toward the center, by the couches and near the small dance floor.

“Let’s go check out the view,” I said to Rex.

“Can’t.” He lifted his phone, a message having just popped up. “Scott and Pen are here. Gonna go and uh, well, you know.”

“I know.”

Rex gave me a wide grin before chugging the rest of his beer and saying bye to me with a pat on the shoulder.

Rex was one of my closest friends, so it hurt me having to see him sneak off so he could hook up with a guy. But at least he found two people who he felt safe exploring himself with. There was a silver lining to the door of his closet.

I turned, the crowded rooftop seeming to buzz with life. Normally, heavy crowds made me break into an anxious sweat for some reason. And if those crowds were crammed into a small space, like a club or a small concert venue, then the anxiety moved over for pure panic. Tight spaces weren’t my thing. They just weren’t. I managed to control the worst of my claustrophobia through intensive bouts of therapy, key word being “control.” Sometimes I had it, sometimes I didn’t.

But up here, even with the crowd dancing and chatting and bumping into each other, I was okay. If I even felt a whiff of discomfort, all I had to do was crane my neck back and look up at the sky, absent of any stars but still full of wonder and, well, full of space.

Looking around, I was happy seeing the group of smiling and familiar faces all together. I started as a baby attorney at the star firm, fresh off my stellar run through law school. I’d been following in my mom, Ashley’s, footsteps, down to attending the same law school and getting accepted for the same summer internships, and I’d been happy with how my life had turned out so far. Everything was running smoothly, on track, without any major detours or road bumps. I felt lucky in that regard.