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Harvest of Love - Insta-Spark Collection

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Melanie Moreland

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Danica Rawlins
She’s a career woman, constantly busy, under pressure, and in demand. But the job that once seemed like a dream to her now feels more like a nightmare.
When the stress gets too much, she escapes the office and drives, discovering beauty in the wide-open spaces that surround her in the country. Leaving the worries behind, if only temporarily. The last thing she expected to find was him.
Noah Edwards
He left the big city behind him long ago and forged a different path. One of earth and sky instead of steel and smog. Acres of plants instead of thousands of people. The day she stumbled into his life, everything changed.
He saw his former life in her. And when he looked in her eyes, he saw his future. He was determined to save her. Show her a life she never dreamed existed—and a love that would enrich them both.
Book #5 of the Insta-Spark collection
Complete standalone reads with one thing in common - lots of sweetness and a guaranteed HEA. Instant attraction, little angst - love and happiness abounds in this series.
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Melanie Moreland

Chapter One


I woke in the night, sitting upright, my breathing loud in the dark. I wiped a hand across my forehead, my skin damp and clammy. Reaching for the glass of water beside my bed, I knocked it over, cursing as it hit the floor, the needed liquid soaking into the rug instead of my throat. Grateful the glass hadn’t broken, I picked it up. I padded to the kitchen and poured another glass from the jug in the refrigerator, the chilled liquid soothing my parched throat. I rested the cold glass against my forehead, feeling my strumming heart begin to slow down. I sighed at what was becoming a nightly routine. Waking with a start, feeling panicked, but unable to figure out why. The sensation of something unsettled ate at me, yet I couldn’t pinpoint it.

I poured some more water, grabbed a towel to soak up the dampness beside my bed, and headed to my room. I left the light on as I lay back, contemplating the ceiling. It was barely after three—far too early to go into the office, even though I knew I had enough work to keep me busy if I did. I also knew there was a good chance I wouldn’t fall asleep again.

With a sigh, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. When that failed, I picked up a book, but I was unable to concentrate on the words. Finally as dawn was breaking, my exhaustion pulled me under, and my eyelids shut of their own accord.

I drifted and allowed sleep to claim me.

Midday, I blew out a long breath of frustration, the air lifting my hair off my forehead. I seemed to be going around in circles. The fractured sleep from the previous few nights had left me feeling off-kilter and tired. No amount of coffee seemed to jolt me out of the fog that had settled in my brain. I shook my head to try to clear it, the lights overhead humming as I reached across my desk and grabbed another file folder. As I skimmed the pages, I found the document I was looking for, reading it over to make sure I had remembered the data correctly. The words swam in front of my eyes, and I blinked to clear them, frowning when the action failed to work. Startled, I realized the room around me seemed to be vibrating. Lifting my hand to my neck, I was surprised to feel the skin damp.

Leaning forward, I pressed the intercom button.

“Yes, Ms. Rawlins?”

“Lynn, can you get maintenance in here? I think my thermostat is broken and the air conditioning has stopped working. The heat is killing me.”

“Right away.”

“A cold water would be great as well.”

I leaned back, taking in a deep breath, smiling in gratitude as Lynn appeared, handing me a glass of water. She was a couple of years younger than me, with light-brown hair and dark eyes. She was smart and efficient, and we got along well.

“Is the rest of the building hot as well?”

She shook her head, frowning. “Your office doesn’t feel hot. It’s actually quite cool in here.”


I took a deep swallow, sighing in relief as the icy liquid hit my throat. I laughed lightly. “I must have had my first hot flash.”

Lynn grinned and left, shutting the door behind her. I cleared my throat, picking up the file again, trying to concentrate.

A few moments later, it was back. The room became hot, oppressive; the words in front of my eyes danced and moved, and a strange pressure built in my chest. My hands started shaking.

I dropped the file folder, leaning back in my chair. My body began trembling, and like a slow tidal wave, I was engulfed in a feeling of panic so great, I could barely breathe. My lungs struggled for enough oxygen, sweat covering my skin, congealing around my hairline and neck, and my teeth began to chatter.

I couldn’t move, speak, or reach out for help.

Then, as quickly as it came on, I felt the sensation loosen and ease from my body. My tightened muscles relaxed, my breathing slowed, and finally, my body sagged in sheer relief.

With still-shaking hands, I reached for the water, sipping slowly. When I was able to, I stood and went into my private bathroom. The mirror reflected my image back—my normally pale skin ashen, my dark blue eyes wide and frightened, my blond hair damp against my forehead. Leaning forward, I splashed cool water on my skin, patting myself dry, and stared at my reflection.

I looked exhausted.

I sat back at my desk, wondering if I was coming down with something. My gaze drifted to the files that covered my desk. I couldn’t afford to be sick right now—we were in the midst of another takeover, and I needed to get everything in order.