Fly Girl – Passport 2 Love Read online Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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Fly Girl - Passport 2 Love

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Aria Cole

Mila Crawford

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Of all the arrogant pilots Indie Jones has ever worked with, Atlas French is the worst.
As the leading flight engineer for Nationwide Airlines, Indie has more overtime hours under her belt than experience with men.
Until Atlas crash-landed in her life.
He’s always seen her as untouchable, but after a company retreat finds them grounded together for the weekend, they make their own plans.
Tangled in million-thread-count sheets, it’s easy to dream of happily-ever-afters. Will a thousand miles and a secret the size of a jetliner throw them off course and off love forever?
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Aria Cole

Mila Crawford

Chapter 1


I collapsed onto the huge hotel bed, exhaustion rippling through me after a long day of layovers and transfers to get me here: the first annual retreat week for the company I worked for, Nationwide Airlines.

In the first few years that I’d been a pilot with the company, I’d dreaded the biannual company conferences. I needed the employee morale and superficial chit-chat like I needed a hole in the head. That is, until she was hired.

Indie Jones. Aerospace engineer and epic pain in my ass.

All of five-foot-three, petite and curvy, she was always haunting the edges of my thoughts. She had designed a new plane, and I was the pilot assigned to take it for its first spin. I took one look at her, and I’d been obsessed ever since. A few test flights later and I’d convinced her to share her number with me under the guise of troubleshooting some engineering problem I’d never really had. The truth was, I just loved hearing the passion she had for her job. She was smart as sin and equally as adorable. She breathed fire into my life, inspired me to work harder and be better. And you'd better believe every time I flew to the East Coast, I did my best to wrangle a reason to see her.

In the last year, though, our innocent flirting had turned up about a thousand notches.

By the time our first company retreat in Turks and Caicos rolled around, it’d been three months since we’d crossed paths.

I squeezed my eyes closed and rubbed my palm over my erection as I lay in bed at the resort, the stiff length twitching to life at just the thought of seeing my girl again. We’d taken to watching movies together over video chat when she couldn’t sleep. I’d told her about my childhood growing up in Ohio, and she’d giggled her way through my nightmare senior prom story when the limo tire went flat and the other guys and I had run through the rain and mud to get a spare tire from my dad. Every single guy in the photos of our group that night had muddy tux pants, and it still made me laugh. She listened and then one-upped me with her own story of high school shame—just like a best friend should.

But I was sick and fucking tired of being best friends.

I was ready for so much more.

I fisted my cock, jerking my hips as I pumped long and slow, thoughts of her circling in my head. The way she’d tipped her head the last night we were together three months ago, my fingers grazing her wrist when we’d hugged good-bye outside of the tiny Italian restaurant.

The way she might have sounded if, instead of hugging, I’d pulled her up against me and stroked my tongue past her plump lips and fucked her gorgeous mouth until she was clawing at my back and begging me to take her home with me.

I would.

If Indie was willing to move to San Diego, which I didn’t think she was, I’d move her into my house and my life in a heartbeat. I needed this woman in my life. I’d let far too much time go by because I wasn’t willing to tell her—show her—exactly what I wanted.

All the flirting and late-night talks had been a lifeline for me. I often spent all day at work talking to her between flights, only to pick up takeout on the way home and call her to talk for three more hours that evening.

And then I went to bed and jerked off.

Every single night.

I imagined the soft little mews she might make as she worked her hips back and forth against my hand. The scent of her pussy, so hot and wet just for me. Her lips…sweet motherfucking heaven, soft and full. Everything about her drew me in, pulled at something in me that made me want to take charge, stand up, and be good enough to own every piece of her. And my obsession with her grew with every passing day.

I didn’t just want Indie’s orgasms. I wanted her to beg me for them. Forever.

I groaned as my orgasm spiraled through my shaft and hot jets of come spilled from my dick, my muscles quaking with the release. Thoughts of Indie always made me come so hard. My cock throbbed all day long just thinking of taking her in my cockpit, the way her pink lips would look wrapped around my thick dick. I had a permanent problem on my hands, and it was time Indie had a taste.

No woman had ever affected me quite like this.

I had big plans for sweet Indie, starting with tomorrow morning.

Chapter 2


“Have you seen him yet?” My friend Roxie’s eyebrows shot up her forehead as soon as I answered her video call.