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Falling For Her Dad's Boss

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Flora Ferrari

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As soon as I see her I want her. I know she’s the one I’ve been waiting for.
Even in that split second that I saw her I could tell, and I was absolutely right.
She’s the one I’ve been waiting for all of these years. I had given up hope of finding the woman meant for me, but now, like an angel from heaven, here she is. Her voice is sweet and full of life, and it stirs something directly within my soul.
Dahlia Harvey
It was supposed to be a routine inspection of my newest acquisition but has turned into so much more.
I will have her. She will be mine. I’m an older man who knows what he wants and I want her, even if I am her father’s boss nothing will stand in my way.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“This is the one, sir,” my assistant James says, gesturing towards the building that towers above the street, a glass-fronted modern reception glimpsed between two large marble pillars.

“I know,” I tell him. I didn’t get to where I am today without knowing where I was putting my money, and this company, my latest investment, was already very familiar to me. I came here on the pretense of being a client some weeks before I even entered negotiations with the old owners, not that James knows that. It was on his day off.

“Shall we go in?” James asks, hesitating beside me as I look up from the sidewalk. Several floors up, I know there’s a boardroom lined in dark wood and with views across the other historic buildings in this part of the city. That’s where we’re headed now, for a meeting with one of the senior executives, so that he can tell me everything I need to know about the state of my new company.

“Let’s go in,” I say, sweeping forward and through the doors.

It’s a slight disappointment when the receptionist doesn't immediately recognize who I am, but instead has to ask who I am and who I’m here to see.

“This is Nick Hatheway,” James says, in a tone that states he has no idea how she doesn’t know.

“Okay,” the receptionist says. If she’s heard my name before, she certainly doesn’t show it. There should have been a memo. “And what is it regarding?”

I leave James to take care of it, spending my time looking around the reception area, assessing the chairs and the wallpaper, wondering if I’d like to change any of it.

I don’t have to be too hands-on here. I’ve done that part of my career. I spent the first thirty years of my life building up my portfolio to be an impressively young millionaire; the last ten have been spent on diversifying, adding more and more businesses to the fold, and hiring the right people to run them. That’s how I managed to turn the ‘m’ into a ‘b’ and become a billionaire by forty. But while I have to trust someone to run all of these businesses in my stead, or I’d be stretched too thin, I can still carry out my own personal assessments to tell them what changes need to be made from the very beginning.

“If you’d just like to wait here for a few minutes, I’m sure Mr. Harvey will be down very shortly to…” the receptionist starts.

“No,” I reply sharply, spinning on her. “We’ll go to him. I want to get a look at the place, after all. We’re meeting in the boardroom, I presume?”

“Well – yes,” the receptionist says uncertainly, tucking her black hair behind her ears. She looks like she wants to say that isn’t allowed, but she can’t, because I own this place now. “It’s on the tenth floor. When you step out of the elevator, turn right.”

“I know how to find it,” I assure her, stepping briskly over to the elevator with James scuttling in my wake.

The doors slide closed smoothly, and soft music sounds. I lift my eyes to the ceiling, noting the speakers with surprise. That’s the first thing that has to go. Last time I was here, I took the stairs. I won’t allow any sign of old age and out of touch to linger in my business.

The ride is short, and the doors open on a long, carpeted corridor with doors on either side. At the far end is a more impressive set of double doors, behind which the boardroom sits. As we step out of the elevator, I see someone coming towards us, a young woman, wearing an easy-going white sundress with tanned legs, focused on the cellphone in her hands.

We’re about to pass her when she looks up. That’s when everything seems to stop and slow down around me, she’s beautiful, stunning, like an angel with blonde hair cut to her shoulders and bright blue eyes that are innocent and friendly. The tiniest smattering of freckles are dusted over her button nose, and her lips, curved like a bow, part to reveal straight white teeth as she smiles.

“Hello,” she says, quietly, because she obviously doesn’t know who we are and is just being polite. Her voice is melodic to my ears, soft and light.

She continues past us and steps into the elevator we’ve just vacated. I turn back to look at her just as the doors slide closed, and I catch just one more glimpse of her face, lighting up with surprise at my turning back to her.

“James?” I say.

“Yes, sir?”

“Cancel my meeting.”

“But, sir, we’re already here and Mr. Harvey…”

“Meet him yourself, then,” I tell him, already walking away. I reach a set of doors next to the elevator, which I know lead to the stairs that also run all the way through the building. “I’ve got someone else to talk to.”