Faking it for the Tech Billionaire (Faking It) Read Online Sara Hazel

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Fake it till you make it, right?
Danielle is tired of being broke. She majored in Art, and the only job she’s had since graduating is answering the phone at a hair salon. She hasn’t even made any art in years! No one knows who she is, and it’s likely to stay that way.
But then she sees that big time tech billionaire – Cillian Banks – has put a call out to all the socialites of the world that he is seriously looking for a wife among the old money crowd.
Danielle gets an idea…
She will become Océane Duvernay – a French heiress to…well, something or other. Danielle doesn’t know, but she hopes she can convince Cillian that she’s the girl for him before he ever finds out that she’s not inheriting anything.
It all comes together in one night, when Cillian is hosting an art show for up-and-coming artists that Danielle happens to have a painting in…a painting that she didn’t even know was going to be there!
Can Danielle….errr Océane…win the heart of the tech billionaire by pretending to be old money? Or will she find that he’s really looking for someone a little more

BROKE and with a lot more curves than these underfed socialites? Someone who is just like her.
Sometimes a girl has just gotta fake it. You know what I mean!


Chapter 1 - Danielle

Cillian Banks is tall, well over six feet, with the type of grace that comes with being tall and athletic. His jawline is solid and chiseled in a way that matches his perfectly symmetrical face. His eyes are bright blue, and his thick, dark hair is gelled back, but there's a certain self-indulgent look about him.

And right now he's staring right at me. Or rather through me. Because I'm standing in front of the Illinois Center in downtown Chicago, and I'm pretty sure Cillian is looking at the girl directly behind me -- the one who I know happens to be his sister. I know this, because I know everything about his family. I know that sounds creepy, or whatever, but I have a fascination with Chicago history and the Banks family has quite a history.

In 1892 they built a small hotel, that grew into another hotel, and then an even bigger hotel, and so on until they owned twelve hotels in Chicago alone. Not to mention the ones they own in other cities across America and the world.

The Banks family has built parks, senior centers, and paid for hospitals. They have their own orchestra, and it regularly plays in a very large pavilion named after them -- yeah, bigger than that other Chicago Family's pavilion. The Pritzker family is probably jealous of the Banks' because the Banks family has more style, and a lot more money.

And right now Cillian Banks is looking right at me. Or rather through me. And my knees are slightly knocking together. And I look like a mess today, because my way too curly hair is tangled up and so dang frizzy. And in my blue winter coat, I look like a big blue whale. It's pretty puffy, and even though I like it puffy, I do not at this moment like it puffy.

But if my coat were off, Cillian would see that I'm not the kind of girl he goes for normally. I've got curves in what I consider to be all the wrong places -- curves I earned at my old donut shop job. I guess I should have stayed away from the Boston Cremes, but they were so good -- so good -- way too good.

"Annabelle!" Cillian shouts.

I turn to see the teenage girl behind me sign autographs for a group of kids slightly younger than her. Yeah, Annabelle Banks is a genuine Instagram celebrity with several million followers who watch all her videos and buy all the products that she suggests. Everything from makeup to cat food and even cat breeds. Annabelle is partial to the big fluffy Maine Coon cats, and she has a calico one named Max. Max is also an Instagram celebrity. He's a big old beast of a cat who is probably as tall as I am if he were to stand on his back legs.

Annabelle finishes signing autographs, and runs to Cillian with her arms outstretched. I take several steps back to make sure I am completely out of their way, as well as hopefully out of their sight.

But I keep staring at them, because I can't help it.

And right now my heart is melting at the genuine display of sibling love before me. Most billionaire families are filled with people who hate each other. They like each other just enough to keep the money flowing. But not Annabelle and Cillian. They aren't faking it. Cillian squeezes his sister tight, and I can see him running his fingers through the soft fur of her coat. I know that it's not real fur, because Annabelle is a firm believer in the fake stuff. She seems like a genuinely good person.