Executioner (Carfano Crime Family #4) Read Online Rebecca Gannon

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They call me The Executioner. I’m feared by everyone.
Except her. At least, not anymore.
Katarina Carfano.
I was never supposed to want her.
Her father took me in when I was thirteen and turned me into the ruthless man I am today. He told me to stay away from his daughter, but she’s the only reason I’m still here.
I live for her. I breathe for her. I do what I do for the family for her. Because with every piece of scum I rid this world of, it’s one less that has the potential to hurt her.

My father brought Dante Salerno into our home a battered and broken kid.
He terrified me.
But as the years went on, that fear eventually turned into curiosity, which then morphed into something so much more.
A deep-seated need took root inside of me with every lingering look and brush of a touch we’d share when no one was watching.


The Carfano Family

Leo (d)

(m) Katarina (d)


Michael (d) Salvatore (d) Anthony Richard Maria

Michael (m) Anita - Leo, Alec, Luca, Katarina

Salvatore (m) Teresa - Nico, Vincenzo, Mia

Anthony (m) Francesca - Stefano, Marco, Gabriel

Richard (m) Christina - Saverio, Gia, Aria

Maria (m) Carmine - Matteo, Elena

(m) – married / (d) – deceased


This book is intended for readers 18 and older due to its explicit mature nature. It has references to childhood trauma and contains scenes of graphic violence that may pose as a trigger or make some readers uncomfortable.

Chapter 1


Holding my phone tightly, I watch Katarina walk the perimeter of the yard. I zoom in and see her beautiful face marred with sadness, and anger surges through me.

What the fuck happened?

With a gust of wind, she crosses her arms over her middle to fend off the bitter bite of the air, then swipes at her cheek.

Another wave of anger has me about to crush my phone in my hand.

She shouldn’t cry. Ever.

No one is worth her tears.

If I could give her any guarantee, it’s that whoever hurts her will always be met with the blade of my knife or the barrel of my gun.

Katarina Carfano is mine.

She’s been mine since I allowed myself to want her.

Her father brought me into his home when I was thirteen, and Katarina was only six. She took one look at me and her little eyes widened in fear before she ran upstairs to hide in her room.

She was right to hide from me then, but now there’s nowhere she can go that I wouldn’t find her. I’ve watched her grow into the woman she is, memorizing everything about her. I know her better than anyone. She may think she hides behind that mask she wears for everyone, but I see everything. I know every move she makes. Her body tells the story she refuses to let anyone know.

It’s taken everything in me to not fucking claim her every day that I’ve been breathing since she turned eighteen. That was four years ago, and the only way I’ve been able to hold back is by doing my job. But also knowing that if I did have her, then Leo – the head of the family and her oldest brother – would fucking kill me himself while her other two brothers, Alec and Luca, looked on.

It wouldn’t matter that we went to school together, trained together, took beatings together, and lived under the same roof. Their father, Michael Carfano, told me I owed him a debt that could, and would, only be paid with my life, and that I was to be the protector of his children at all costs, no matter what. Although, I think taking his precious daughter and dirtying her with my sins isn’t what he had in mind when he said to protect her.

My phone starts vibrating with a call from Leo, blocking my view of Katarina on the security camera feed.

Grinding my jaw, I unclench it and huff out, “Boss.”

“We have a meeting with the Antonuccis on Saturday. I need you to coordinate the men.”

“Where is it?”

“Giorgio’s. Prepare the same as you did for the Cicariello meeting. I don’t want any surprises with them. They might want to make a show of power for what we’re meeting about.”

“Which is?”

“Katarina,” he says after a beat, and my vision blurs.

“What about Katarina?” I ask roughly, trying not to let my rage be known.

“We’re discussing her union with Santino.”

Red. I see red. Blood fucking everywhere as my mind flashes through every conceivable way I will kill Santino Antonucci.

They want to marry her off to that fucker when he’s as weak as his father and grandfather, and nowhere near good enough for Katarina. No one is.

“I’ll take care of everything,” I grunt out.

Yeah, I’ll take care of everything, but I’m also going to be standing right there to look those pussies in their eyes to show them exactly who’s coming for them.