Doctor of the Heart (Men of Mercy #1) Read Online Grace Maxwell

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He’s a billionaire doctor with a supportive family. I’m an artist who can’t keep a day-job while taking care of my little sister. We’re opposites in every way.

My BFF and I are going out to meet men. Lots of men!
I’ve been focused on other more important things, but when my best friend insists we do something fun, I give in. It’s been a long time. Did I mention I even needed to dust off my Jimmy Choo’s?
His chocolate brown hair and piercing dark eyes find me in line outside the club, and my stomach does cartwheels. Yes, he puts the yum in yummy.
It gets us in and when we connect, it’s fireworks—my heart beats triple time, and I’m doing something I never dreamed was in my DNA.
It was only a onetime thing. I knew we weren’t star-crossed lovers. We were quick, down, and dirty.
Then it was back to real life—bills, keeping a roof over our head and food on the table, all while dealing with my sister’s chronic illness.
When my sister takes a turn for the worst, we head to the emergency room and my jaw drops and not because the doctor is dressed in a tuxedo. It’s because it is him.
We are opposites in every way. Dr. Davis Martin saves my sister’s life and somehow he’s out to save mine.


Chapter 1


One…two…three… I count in my head, trying to maintain some level of patience while I navigate the world’s most annoying phone call here at my office. It’s Friday morning, and I’m ready for the weekend.

I paint a smile on my face, even though the customer can’t see me while we’re on the phone. “Mr. Chapman, let’s see if we can figure this out for you.”

He heaves a deep sigh. “You’re the third person I’ve spoken to about this erroneous charge on my credit card from the Strong Night Games website. You need to reverse the charges.”

“Just one moment, please.” I scan through our records and find the charge. “Hmm. It looks like the charge originated with an account named MarcNinja007, and it’s for a subscription to Navy SEALS.”

Now, he groans. “That’s my son. He’s only twelve years old. Can the charges be reversed?” Mr. Chapman seems much calmer.

I click through multiple buttons, cancel the subscription, and stop the monthly charges. “It’s all done. I’ve reversed the most recent charge, but as you probably know, this isn’t the first time this has happened. It looks like your son re-orders his subscription each time we stop it.”

The line is silent for a moment. “I see. Well, he won’t have his iPad for the next year or two, so that won’t be happening again.” Mr. Chapman clears his throat. “Thank you.”

“I’m happy to help. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No. It seems I need to have a long talk with my son. Thank you.”

“Goodbye, sir.” I disconnect the call and turn to Anna Jones, a new worker I’m training. She was listening to the call.

She nods approvingly. “Wow. He was very upset, and you got him happy. But I thought you weren’t supposed to offer refunds like that.”

“We’re not, really. But he was honest and admitted his son had most likely approved the charge. If he went to the credit card company, they’d reverse the charges, anyway. I don’t blame him for being upset. But you can see it’s not difficult to research the account information and tell him why the charges kept coming back.”

“Brilliant.” Anna nods.

She puts her headset back on, and we work another hour of phone calls. Answering phones for a gaming company’s customer service isn’t my life goal, but it pays the bills. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go back to my first love and work as a sculptor.

In between work calls, my cell phone rings in my purse. Caller ID says it’s my sister’s school. Crap!


“Ms. Brooks? Arabella isn’t feeling well, and she has a fever. Can you please come pick her up?”

My stomach drops. This will be the third week in a row I’ve missed work to take care of my sister. Mother Nature can’t decide if it’s winter or spring in Vancouver, and Arabella is constantly sick.

I stand up in my cubicle like a gopher peeking out of its hole and look around. I don’t see my boss. Anna has someone else to train with this afternoon, so I scribble a message to my boss, explaining that Arabella is being sent home with a fever, and I head out to pick her up.

I take the bus across town to the school. The ride is over an hour, but that way I can afford a rideshare home for both of us. As soon as I arrive, Arabella runs out and throws her arms around me, nearly knocking me over. “Bells, what’s going on?”