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Can this devil atone for his many sins?

I was settling into a quiet life. Work, reading, and endless hours riding and living with my brothers of the Dirty Sinners MC.
Until Avery appeared. An innocent angel surrounded by sweetness and light.
A filthy rich man with an even filthier reputation had no right to even touch her, much less claim her. But if she needed protection, she would get everything I had.
From the second our eyes locked, Avery was already mine.




I can do this, I thought to myself as I walked up and down the street one more time. The crisp autumn breeze soothed my frazzled nerves. Slightly.

Today had to be the day I got a job. I'd always impressed every boss willing to give me a chance. I just needed that chance.

There was only enough money to last another week at the rundown motel by the highway, and my beloved old car was running so rough that I didn't dare try to make it to another town.

That meant I was stuck in Haven for the foreseeable future. It was a pretty town, but the job prospects were pretty limited for a twenty-year-old girl without much of a formal education.

Apparently they were hiring at Lust & Sin, the local strip club, but I was embarrassed just thinking about walking inside. There was also an online listing that Sinners Pour House was looking for an extra waitress, but it had been posted months ago, and it actually looked like a biker club.

Bikers. I wasn't sure what to think of that. I liked huge strong men in the movies, but up close? Probably unnerving.

Forcing myself to turn back, I walked toward Rosie's Diner. It was either that or the gas station, and I actually had waitress experience. Plus, their staff likely got a few cheap meals. I'd been stretching every dollar and mostly living on granola bars for the past few weeks. It wasn’t a long term solution.

I checked the time on my phone and decided now was a good time to bother them, not too close to the lunch rush. Still staring at my phone, I picked up the pace.

A dark blur passed inches in front of me, and a tattooed hand pushed my shoulder. I jumped back as a huge motorcycle missed my toes by an inch.

"Sweet Jesus, darlin'," a deep voice muttered. The huge man stopped. "Are you okay?"

I nodded, my heart racing from the surprise. He parked his bike right in front of the diner, took off his helmet, then came back to where I was still frozen, staring at him.

I'd always thought of biker guys as a bit scruffy. This man was anything but.

He was likely in his late thirties, tall, with thick, jet black hair shaved bare on the sides. The tattoos around his neck and the side of his head were frighteningly dark and wildly sexy at the same time. I caught the gleam of a fancy watch on his wrist, and his boots looked expensive. As I drank in the sight of his broad shoulders and leather vest marked with a large emblem, my heart sped up with something far different than fear.

Deep gray eyes met mine as I stared up at the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen.

"I'm so sorry to shove you, tiny angel. But better that than having you lose a foot. You came out of nowhere." His voice was gravel and silk, creating a brand new sensation that wound around my spine.

"I'm sorry," I murmured.

He smiled warmly, running his hand over his scruff of beard as he looked me up and down. "Haven't seen you around before. Are you lost?"

It took a few seconds to pull in enough air to speak. "I was just about to apply for a job here," I said.

He frowned, then scanned the windows of the diner. "A lot of older factory men eat here," he said. "Maybe you could look for a job at a place filled with women."

An uncontrollable giggle bubbled out of me. "Well, there are plenty of women at the strip club. I could ask—"

"Never." He stepped toward me, staring intently. "Who are you?"

"Avery," I practically whispered, tipping my chin higher to meet his eyes.

"I'm Diablo."

Of course he was.

Devilishly handsome. A perfect black button-down shirt under that leather vest. A broad chest that I wanted to reach out and touch. He was almost sinister, but I adored the way he was staring at me with his complete attention.

"I'm sure your mother told you to avoid the devil, but you should listen to me now, little girl. Haven is a nice place, but some of the men here are a bit rough around the edges. Maybe you could get a job at the library or something."

"What's wrong with the diner?" I asked. Maybe I'd just been lucky before, and waitressed in mellow places, but I didn’t see a problem. "Serving burgers to people should be safe, right?"