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Ten years after surviving something no child should ever endure, Hallie Anderson is ready to stop hiding in the shadows. With a job she loves, friends who care about her, and a fresh start in an new apartment, she can finally put the horrors of the past behind her.
Or so she thinks…
When the past merges with the present, Hallie once again feels like a scared and vulnerable thirteen-year-old. Desperate to keep her new life, she’s reluctant to accept help, but when events take a dramatic turn, she realizes if she wants to stay alive she has no choice.
What she doesn’t expect is for the help to come from Sawyer Mitchell, a Close Protection Officer who looks like he should star in Hollywood movies rather than watch her every move.
For Sawyer, protecting Hallie will be like every other assignment. He’ll do what he needs to be done then walk away. He never gets close to a client. It makes protecting them harder, but all that changes when he meets Hallie. He’s drawn to her, instantly aware she isn’t like anyone else he’s protected.
Can Sawyer protect Hallie and keep his feelings under control, or will he cross the line and put them both in danger?


Chapter One


Age Thirteen

Suddenly I’m jolted into the air and cry out, my head coming in contact with the hard floor. My eyelids feel heavy, and as I struggle to lift them, a wave of nausea washes over me. Taking a deep breath, I concentrate on trying not to throw up. It’s dark, but not too dark to see. As my eyes adjust, panic threatens to overwhelm me as I realize I’m in the back of a moving van.

I hear voices coming from the enclosed section of the cab, and I force myself to sit up. My body screams out in protest, every part aching from being tossed in the air. I’ve no idea how long I’ve been unconscious, but I’m guessing from how my body hurts after lying on the uncomfortable floor, it’s been a while.

Dragging myself to the front of the van, I press my ear against the cold metal. Although the voices are louder, they are still muffled, and I sit back unsteadily on my heels, wondering what the hell is happening. The last thing I remember is leaving Jess’s house a little after curfew. I was late, so I cut through the park to make up some time. As I exited the park, I felt someone grab me from behind. I tried to scream, but my cries were muffled when something was pressed over my mouth. The next thing I know, I’m waking up on the van’s hard floor.

Panic washes over me again as the realization of what’s happening hits. I want to bang on the side of the van, make them stop and let me out. I don’t, though. I’m terrified at the thought of coming face to face with whoever is driving. Instead, I sit with my back pressed into the corner and my knees drawn up to my chest. My head is pounding, and I squeeze my eyes closed as I will the pain in my head to stop.

It’s hard to know how long we’ve been driving, and I must have fallen asleep because, when the van finally comes to a stop, I jolt awake. My breathing accelerates, and I scramble as far away from the door as possible.

A million thoughts race through my mind. Why has someone taken me? Are they going to hurt me? Kill me?

I’m pulled from my erratic thoughts when the cab door opens. Seconds later, it’s slammed closed, making me jump. A cry escapes my lips, and I press a hand over my mouth, muffling the sound. A few more seconds pass, and I watch the van’s doors with wide eyes as I wait to see who’s there.

When they swing open, I’m temporarily blinded by the sunlight that floods the space. I squint against the brightness, raising my hand to shield my eyes. Apprehension bubbles in my stomach as I wait for my eyes to adjust. When they do, I’m surprised to see a woman standing in the doorway. She’s beautiful. Her long blonde hair is swept up in a messy bun on top of her head. She has a kind face, a face that erupts into a smile when she sees me. I can’t help but feel a little relieved. A woman wouldn’t hurt me, right?

“Sweetheart…” She gasps. “You came back.” Her hand reaches for me, and I try to push myself back, but there’s nowhere to go.

“What do you want?” I croak, tears rolling down my cheeks. “Please don’t hurt me.”

Her face fills with surprise. “Hurt you? We’re not going to hurt you. We’ve missed you so much.” Her voice breaks, and I can’t help but feel confused. It’s obvious she thinks I’m someone else, and hope erupts in my chest at her words. Surely, once she realizes I’m not who she thinks I am, she’ll let me go, and I’ll be able to go home.