Claiming Vanessa (Breeding Contempt #1) Read Online Raissa Donovan

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They want a broodmare. I want out.
I’ve never wanted anything to do with the mafia life. I was going to get my degree and get out. But thanks to mafia warring, I’m now being held hostage by one of the largest criminal empires.
Giulio Pavone is as personable as he is cruel, treating women like nothing more than product to be sold. Damien Rossi’s faux gentle touch makes my skin crawl. Slayer has made no secret how much he wants to see my tears.
And above all, they want to forcibly use me to continue the Pavone family line. I’m nothing but a broodmare to them. I know if I get pregnant, my chance of escape becomes next to nothing.
I have to get out. I have to stay strong. I can’t become one of the broken girls they sell at their seedy clubs.
Note: This work contains extremely dark themes with potentially triggering content, including forced pregnancy. Read at your own discretion.

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I can barely breathe.

Each one of the priest’s words brings my sister Lucia closer to marrying one of the biggest monsters I’ve ever known. Emilio Pavone, the man who had three of his previous wives disposed of, who had our father murdered in front of our eyes, has insisted on a religious wedding, and I can’t help but be bitter at the hypocrisy of it all.

After all the things he’s done to my family…

I try to keep up with what the priest is saying, waiting for my cue to read the verses from the bible I’m supposed to repeat, but it’s so hard to focus. When some of the guests laugh, it pulls me back into the moment. What could possibly be funny at a time like this? I look from Lucia’s blank face to Emilio’s smug smirk, and I wish I could object to this farce.

The priest doesn’t seem to care that Lucia clearly doesn’t want to be there. “Of course, the real reason we join in this most holy union is to honor God and bestow the gift of life on the next generation. One man and one woman, together, embody that which is most sacred. Apart, they are nothing. But together, they share the love of God and pass it on to their children.”

What love? What sanctity? There is nothing about Emilio Pavone that embodies anything holy. I resist the urge to wipe my eyes, averting my gaze from Lucia as the priest continues.

I notice Damien Rossi staring at me. Emilio has chosen his consigliere to be his best man. Although Damien hasn’t been half as violent as Emilio, I still remember his invasive questions, his creepy touches, the terrible photo shoot I’d had to endure at his whims. The way he looks at me, as he’s looking at me now, like he wants something more from me.

I hate myself for having thought he was handsome when I’d first met him. A few inches taller than my 5’11,” with intense brown eyes and dark, subtly curled hair. He’d shaved for the wedding, but normally there’s thick stubble on his jaw.

But none of that will ever change the fact that he’s just as responsible as Emilio Pavone for the hell Lucia and I have gone through these past few months.

“Now, the friends and family of the happy couple will read some bible passages to guide and bless them.”

That’s almost my cue.

Others from Emilio’s side of the family step forward with their own offerings, all about a woman’s duty and family. Then it’s my turn, and I take a shuddering breath and make my way to the pulpit. My hands shake as I place the cue cards down in front of me.

Don’t cry, I remind myself. This is all for Lucia. I can’t risk making things worse for her.

“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, His body, and is Himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.” The words come out in small, stumbling bursts. It feels like a cruel joke.

No, I know it is, because Emilio had specifically handed me this passage to read. He wants to drive it into Lucia that he owns her now.

When I’m done reading, I step away, almost bumping into Giulio, Emilio’s adult son. Giulio is older than Lucia’s twenty-two years, even, probably in his early thirties, and he’s far more handsome than his father. Despite the formal occasion, he showed up with his tie already loosened and the top button on his shirt collar undone. The frosted tips on his hair make him look out of place in the church, more suited for the beach.

He winks at me and pats me on the ass before taking his place to read some equally inane passage. I bite my lip to keep from yelping, and if I wasn’t so frazzled, if this wasn’t such a public place with so many mafiosi, I might’ve glared at him for it. As it is, my cheeks flush red, something I know my makeup can’t hide.