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Cancer Sweetens Aquarius - Signs of Love

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Anyta Sunday

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Sullivan is on an anti-sugar health-kick, but maybe Reid knows how to sweeten him up
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Anyta Sunday

Cancer Sweetens Aquarius

Gripping a crochet hook, Reid stood barefoot in the dimly-lit saloon. Mangled wool wrapped his other hand.

Three weeks ago, everyone was happy. He’d made Sullivan speechless and Joanna snicker when he’d left home for bananas and returned home with twins. There’d been an emergency with Theo’s grandma Darla and he’d swooped in to help Theo and Jamie with the toddlers.

Anyway, they were happy.

Until BAM! Their marina neighbors—Mason and Elijah—were leaving. Mason had found a new job in San Diego. Elijah and Joanna had to say goodbye.

A week later, they’d left.

Left Joanna heartbroken.

Staring at the wool cutting off the circulation in his fingers, Reid blinked back the memory of Joanna’s tearful goodbye with her boyfriend. His stomach dropped with sympathy.

He squared his shoulders and used the hook to untangle himself.

“It’s the middle of the night.” Sullivan’s sexy, sleep-croaky voice startled Reid, and he swung around to the partition where Sullivan stood in his flannel pajama pants, a tank top over his impressively toned chest. His eyes beheld Reid with concern.

Reid dropped the hook and the wool onto the couch and laughed hollowly. “I’m trying to fix this.”

Sullivan pushed into the room and bent over the heater. “It’s cold in here. Why don’t you have this on?”

Cold floorboards bit Reid’s feet as he paced between Sullivan and the couch. He gazed toward the drizzling rain and the inky sea beyond. “Maybe if . . . or . . . but . . .”

He twisted on his heel toward the couch, and Sullivan hooked strong arms around him, stilling him. Sullivan’s front blazed against Reid’s cool back and he sank into it.

“Hey, love,” Sullivan murmured into his ear. “We’ll figure it out.”

Reid sighed. “I-I don’t know what else to do.”

Sullivan rubbed Reid’s arms soothingly. “Deep breath.”

“I can’t. She’s sad. That makes me sad.”

A ticklish sigh breezed through Reid’s hair. “I promise, we’ll find a way to cheer her up.”

Sullivan’s earnestness had Reid swallowing back a tidal wave of skin-tingling, heart-pounding love. Every year, every month, every day it grew stronger. It fueled him.

And made him fiercely protective of his family. He turned and leaned his forehead against the crook of Sullivan’s neck. “We’ve been trying since Elijah left. Two weeks, Sullivan. Two.”

“I confess, I’m surprised she didn’t crack a grin watching you try to crochet her slippers.” Reid pulled back, following Sullivan’s fond gaze to his crochet hook and wool. “You really can’t crochet.”

Reid laughed and forced a scowl. “The lady in the store said it was easy. Lying tart.” He ran a hand through his hair. “The trip to the movies didn’t work. Neither did the vegan ice cream”—he prodded a finger against Sullivan’s chest—“but that’s on you and your no-sugar craze.”

“It’s not good for you,” Sullivan retorted.

“It’s good when your favorite sports team loses. It’s good when you’ve had your tonsils out. And it’s good when your heart breaks.”

Sullivan raised his hands in defeat. “Fine, go nuts with the sugar. Eat all the ice cream you want.”

Reid pulled Sullivan with him to the couch and settled onto it. Sullivan pressed close along his side, thigh to thigh, arm to arm. Reid rested his head on the back cushion. “I just love her, you know?”

“Really? I had no clue.”

Reid whacked Sullivan in the stomach, eliciting a chuckle. “She’s so spirited, full of adventure and meddling awesomeness. And she makes me laugh.”

Sullivan rubbed his leg, warming him through his thin cotton pajama pants. “Joanna is turning out to be an incredible young woman.”

Reid smiled at the ceiling. “Do you know the best meddlesome thing she’s done?”

“I absolutely do.”

“Interviewing me to be your manny.”

“Running away whenever we were in a room together, hoping we’d kiss.”

“Which we did,” Reid murmured.


Reid lifted his head and shot Sullivan a look. “Hey, that part’s all on you.”

Their noses were an inch from bumping. God, the man was beautiful. He leaned closer. “You were clueless.”

Reid breathed in Sullivan’s musky, oaky scent. “Cluelessly in love with you.”

“Ah, I wanted to kiss you from the first time I saw you. It only compounded from there.” A soft smile touched Sullivan’s lips as he leaned in—

And bypassed Reid’s lips.

Reid blinked; Sullivan bent down and pulled off his thick woolen socks. A massaging pressure at his foot had Reid moaning. Sullivan lifted his numb foot and covered it with a warm sock. The second one followed.

Reid snuggled closer against Sullivan. “I feel better.”

“Warmer, anyway.” Sullivan kissed Reid’s forehead, lips firm and comforting. “Would you like a shot of liqueur?”

“You know that’s basically sugar right?”

“That smirk is unbecoming.”

“I’m sorry.” Reid smiled harder.

Sullivan shook his head and padded toward the kitchen.

“So what’s our plan for tomorrow?” Reid asked as Sullivan procured shot glasses.

“Seeing the sunrise with you sounds good,” Sullivan said.

Reid snorted. “I love you. Good luck.”

Concern softened the strong lines of Sullivan’s face. “You meant about Joanna.”