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I never expected to make it this far as an actor, especially not this young, but here I am living the Hollywood dream, trying to make it through every day without losing my mind… And, I’m so glad that I have her.

I just don’t go into the bar near my house every day because I have a drinking problem. I do that to see the gorgeous barmaid who works there. There is something special about talking to her which keeps me really grounded. She simply makes me feel safe and like myself.

But, Millie isn’t everything that she seems. She has things that she needs to escape as well, which is why she likes to hide away behind that bar. The only problem with secrets is they always come back to haunt you…
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Brenda Ford

Chapter 1 – Lance

“I love you,” I gush with all the relief that comes with finally getting to say these words aloud. I’ve clearly been thinking them for ages but with all of the obstacles in our way, it’s been impossible. Until now. “I love you, Veronica. I will do whatever it takes to be with you, I will give up everything to be yours. Just don’t let me go again, please. I beg of you. Don’t let me go. I can’t handle losing you. It will kill me.”

Veronica pauses briefly and flutters her eye lashes at me, causing a giant smile to spread across my face. This is good news; she isn’t going to turn me away again. She wants to be with me too, she wants to be mine.

“I love you too.” Veronica’s hand touches my cheek and gently grazes my skin. “I love you so much, Jayden.”

And then she kisses me, she kisses me with so much locked up passion that it makes me want to explode. The desire floating between us is palpable, it consumes me whole, it buzzes and creates a world of excitement…

“Cut!” Michael, the director, stops the moment just as I can feel it really getting in to the magic. “That was good guys, but we need some more passion from you both. Ashley, you need to be more all in.”

The actress standing across from me rolls her eyes and clicks her tongue in annoyance. I know how she feels, it’s hard when you really think that you have nailed a scene just to have it shot down by the director, but that’s how it has to be. We might be in it but he’s seeing it from the point of view of the audience and he needs it to be right. But perhaps I can be more patient with that because I’m relatively new to Hollywood in the way that I have only been in this crazy busy world for just over two years. Ashely was a child star; she has lived this her whole life so she allows her emotions to shine through far more than I ever would.

Still, it’s an honor to be working with her. She has a great fan following and will definitely bring a big audience to the movie who will hopefully fall in love with me as well. The more people who like me the more jobs I will get. Of course, that’s the way LA works, the way the media works, I just need to roll along with it. Even if working with Ashely is a little more challenging than I expected it to be. Her professionalism that comes from years of working within the industry is sometimes a little over shadowed by her out bursts.

“This is bull shit, right?” Ashley groans at me. “I don’t want to do the scene again. They got the shot right then. They have it already, they just want to make us work late to piss me off. I shouldn’t let this happen.”

“Er…” I don’t know what she expects me to say to that. I’m actually not sure if she needs my response.

“It’s almost as if Michael knows that I wanted to ask you out tonight.” She pouts out her bottom lip to me. “I think that it’s time for me and you to hang out one on one, don’t you? We’ve been working together for weeks but we haven’t had a chance to get to know one another properly yet.” Her hand glides down my arm and I can see her flirty side coming out once more. We’ve been through this a couple of times, but I have always managed to side step the flirting before it became anything else… but now she’s being really blatant. “We should, right?”

How do I tell Ashley that I don’t see her that way? That I’m happy to be friends with her but nothing more? How do I express that in a way which doesn’t make it awkward? I don’t want to be on the receiving end of a hissy fit. That will make work really challenging for the fore seeable future. Awkward and embarrassing.

Plus, Ashley is known for dating her costars, so I don’t even know if it would be real or just a showman deal. I might have been here for a couple of years, but I don’t know how to navigate things fully yet.

“I don’t think we will be getting anywhere tonight.” I smile thinly at Ashely. “So, it can’t happen now.”

“But you do want to go out with me, right?” God, she isn’t going to let this go, is she? “You do want to go on a date so we can get to know one another? We might have better chemistry if we know each other more.”

“Hmm, maybe.” I dart my eyes towards Michael, wondering when we’re going to start working again. But he’s busy. His head is in a bunch of papers and he’s not looking at me at all. “I could use some more friends here. I haven’t been around for long enough to get a lot of others that I can hang around with.”