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I was content being the Enforcer for the Speed Demons MC, while building custom cars at their auto shop. Until one day, a girl walked into our bar and she blew my mind.
I got spooked and screwed everything up. Now, I’m out to prove that I can be the man she needs.
Layla Hardin, and her daughter, are mine to protect, but can I keep them safe from the threat that’s sweeping the town? Or will the pressure break us?

Being a single mom in the small town of Hambleton, made me a social outcast.
Then one day, the man I had loved since I was a girl, finally saw me, and everything changed.
Bowie says I should trust him, but can he give me back everything that’s been taken from me? Or will the dark forces from my past, tear us apart?


“Mess with a Demon

And we’ll raise Hell”

~ Bandit 1968.

Chapter One


Footsteps startled me awake.

My eyes flew open, and settled on a moonlit grey wall. I blinked, confused.

My bedroom was painted a soft matt white. The man who mixed the paint up for me at Home Depot, called the shade, Snowdrop.

Definitely not grey.

My ears pricked up at the click of a door sounding through the room, and my heart lurched. Goosebumps trailed down my arms as the cool night breeze settled on my skin. Confusion turned to awareness as memories of that day prickled through me.

Cara, my best friend, had called me that morning. Her fiancé had agreed on a date for their wedding, and naturally, she wanted to celebrate.

Earlier, we went to the Irish pub in town called the Lucky Shamrock. We had such a blast, that when they closed, we didn’t want the night to end. Cara suggested that we go for a nightcap at the local MC’s bar, as they stayed open late.

My eyes locked on his as soon as we walked in.

Gage ‘Bowie’ Stone, was a thousand bad decisions ,and a million heartbreaks all rolled together to make one gorgeous biker.

That phrase, ‘all the girls want him, all the boys want to be him,’ was created with Bowie in mind.

The first time I ever saw him, was eleven years ago, on my first day of high school. Bowie walked past me in the hall, and my heart flipped over.

I’d never seen anyone like him before.

He was an eighteen-year-old quintessential bad boy.

I was a painfully shy fourteen-year-old girl and for him, I didn’t exist.

But he existed for me.

Every time I saw his arm slung across another girl’s shoulder, an ache gripped my insides.

I think, deep down, I knew I didn’t stand a chance, but my naïve, young heart still held out hope.

Why did he make me feel so much, if he wasn’t meant to be mine?

My stomach churned every time he flashed his sexy grin, because he seemed to flash it at every girl, except for me.

So, earlier that night, when I walked through that door into the MC’s bar, and he did finally smile at me, it was everything.

Bowie looked better with age. He was a beautiful boy at eighteen, but now, he was an even more beautiful man.

Six foot two, golden brown eyes, his thick, black hair, all sexy and mussed up, was cut shorter than before. My eyes kept flicking to him as I imagined running my hands through it.

He wore blue jeans that stretched across his muscled thighs and ass, and a white tee that highlighted his hard chest.

His black leather jacket had his club patch sewn on the back; it strained across his broad shoulders and showed off his muscular build.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and when he turned and caught me staring, my cheeks turned pink.

My heart raced as he approached me at the bar, then I shivered when his fingertips gently settled on my back.

“Hey, I’m Bowie,” he rumbled, leaning into me.

His stare swept from my face to my toes, then slowly back up again. He threw me another sexy grin, and my heart fluttered with excitement.

I sent up a prayer, thanking God, for finally sending him to me.

I went to shake his hand, but instead, he held my fingers while his thumb stroked over mine, like it was always meant to.

Close up, Bowie’s eyes were a light shade of brown, but they swirled liquid gold whenever he talked about his blood family, and, by extension, his MC brothers.

He was the most dazzling man I’d ever known, and he made me feel that way too because he gave me his undivided attention.

When his eyes held mine, everyone else in the room seemed to disappear. He was everything that I knew he’d be, and more.

When we left the bar, and walked hand in hand to his house, he stopped in the middle of the street, tugged me into him, then kissed me until I was breathless.