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Bodyguard's Obsession

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Flora Ferrari

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Walking to work for the exercise gets me a front row seat, witnessing something I would never have thought possible. Something straight out of a movie.
But I saw him, and now they need a witness to help put him away. His trial is in a week, but the Garcia family won’t wait that long to silence anyone who’s out to lock up one of their own.
So the state provides me with private protection. My own personal bodyguard.
The catch? I have to do what he says, stay with him twenty-four seven. One look and I’ve got no problem with that, but what happens once our week’s up?
Can I live without his ‘protection’ forever?

The single word ‘Orphan’ in her file leaps out at me, making me groan softly. A piece of what I thought was my stony heart breaking free, floating towards her before we’ve even met.
Looking at her profile picture makes me feel something else. The need to possess her, to pleasure her as well as protect her.
I swore an oath, to the badge I once wore and to the state law I represent but this new feeling, this new pact I make, it eclipses everything.
It’s a solemn promise to her and myself, a new oath. That she’ll be mine, forever.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


There’s a saying about a good turn… One deserving another?

Well it doesn’t feel like it.

Coming forward, after what I saw. After who I saw?

Now I feel like the criminal. I’m the one stuck in the jail house while they round up those thugs, that man.

Telling me how much danger I’m in now. How different my life will be from now on? Shouldn’t it be the end of it if they caught him?

“You have done the right thing,” a detective says, giving an apologetic smile after listening to my protests.

Listening to me trying to get out of what I feel is a very deep hole already.

“It’s just… you saw the most wanted man on our list leaving the scene of a crime… a serious crime Violet.”

I shudder at the memory, at the thought of his huge, bloodied hands on me as we collided.

“We need you to testify, Violet. It’s the only thing, the only way we can put him and his family away for good.”

I feel my head nodding, but my mind is screaming no.

I’ve had enough already and I just want to go home.

“A-and what if I don’t?” I stammer, trying to sound like someone who’s going home, like someone who’ll be walking out any minute.

But the detective shakes his head. “Violet… even if you don’t testify, you need our protection now. Whether Garcia is in jail or not, your life is over unless we break up the whole gang… without our protection…” he trails off.

It’s clear as glass.

I have to testify and I have to submit to police protection.

“Now, we have him in custody, but the first hearing that will make any difference won’t be for at least another week…” he continues.

“We’ll have you under personal guard, twenty-four seven until then,” he assures me, lifting my spirits for a moment.

“So, I can home then? I’ll have a policeman out front?” I ask, naively.

Detective Chalmer frowns.

“Not exactly, we have a private security detail… a privately run arm of the witness protection program.”

I feel my stomach drop as he says the words, something telling me my life may as well be over, because it’s about to change one hundred percent whether I like it or not.

I jump as the door to the little interview room opens, and before I even look up, I can feel him.

Sense him.

His huge shadow fills the room, and I watch the detectives eyes roll slightly as I lift my own to see who it is.

A gasp escapes me as soon as we lock eyes. He has dark, hazel eyes that burn like live embers. They’re hard eyes but not cold.


He lets out a low growl, which travels through the air, the four walls, and up the chair I’m sitting in, sending a shockingly intense vibration right into the space between my legs.

I feel my legs part automatically, holding his gaze and widening myself for him, feeling his nonverbal command excite me.

I shudder another breath, my body starting to shiver as I feel a slick line of warmth escape me just from the sight of him.

“Butch,” murmurs the detective, and the man grunts. Holding his own in the doorway his eyes move from mine, down my face to my chest making his eyes narrow. His growl deepening with satisfaction.

“Violet, this is former special agent Brooks, but everybody calls him ‘Butch,’” he informs me, the introduction sounding weak compared to my arousal in his company.

“Violet,” Butch growls, his tone lightening and his whole body flexing as he says it.

He must be six seven, and close to that wide across the shoulders as well. The man is huge in the best possible way, and it’s clear from the lines straining against his shirt that he’s pure American beef.

His chiseled jaw sets a stony look on his face, a serious and intense man, but obviously a man who knows what he wants.

Crew cut hair, smooth and sun tanned skin that ripples even at rest as every fiber of muscle in his body is working to keep this perfect specimen of manhood alive.

But it’s his eyes that I’m lost in. Once they soften, there’s a depth to them that draws me right in. It’s a smoldering, sweet darkness.

Safe and protecting.

I trust him immediately, with more than just my life and a part of me mentally throws my sodden panties at him, even though I know he’d never go for a girl like me.

I flush, feeling my chest stiffen under his stare but I realize he isn’t just taking in the mountainous scenery of my chest, showing my now pebbled and thick nipples through my white on white shirt. He suddenly frowns as he spots evidence of my reason for being here in the first place.

“You’re shirt, that’ll have to come off.”

I gasp again, his commanding tone and the idea of him taking my shirt off sends a fresh wave of moisture through my slick valley.