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Blades of Glory (Nashville Assassins Next Generation #4)

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Toni Aleo

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Old vs. Young
Experience vs. Attitude
No Teeth vs. Also No Teeth…
It’s the game some of these players have been waiting a lifetime for. The veterans of the Nashville Assassins versus the new generation of players—their sons.
As part of their prewedding festivities, Aiden Brooks and Shelli Adler have invited the retired Assassins to play a friendly game against the Stanley Cup-winning current team.
And while the guys are battling it out on the ice, the women are running the show from the stands.
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Nashville Assassins Next Generation Series by Toni Aleo

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Toni Aleo

Chapter One



My life has revolved around the team that makes its home at Luther Arena for as long as I can remember.

The Nashville Assassins.

This arena has also become my home away from home. I have gone from being a fan to being an owner. As a fan, my favorite player turned into my boyfriend, then my husband, and finally, the father of our children. As I watch Shea Adler laugh while he stretches, I can’t help but feel those butterflies he’s been giving me since the day I set eyes on him. It was here, in this arena, where I first looked into those blue eyes and knew I was in for one hell of a ride. Shea hasn’t disappointed. Our love story will always be my favorite.

But somehow, I’ve also been blessed to watch my daughters’ love stories unfold. Just like mine, their love stories played out here, in this arena. Not only did Shea and I fall in love here, but it’s the same arena where all of Shea’s and my children have skated. Where we held birthday parties and other celebrations. We love it here. The running joke is I have bedrooms for my whole family throughout the arena. I don’t, but it has crossed my mind a bit here and there. It would make it easier, for sure.

My eyes fall on where Shelli is moving her hips as she twirls the mic in her hand. When she got her first lead role on Broadway, I streamed opening night on the jumbotron for everyone. Her face is bright as she laughs with the guys who are all drinking Gatorade out of the Stanley Cup.

I know the Cup keeper is probably annoyed since Gatorade is spilling everywhere, but I’m sure he’s seen worse. Let’s be honest—there is still time for worse items to be put in that thing. I know for a fact that Aiden Brooks is waiting for his turn during his wedding. I have a feeling the Cup keeper isn’t even ready for that hot mess express.

When Aiden skates by Shelli, smacking both her butt cheeks and laughing loudly, my heart soars. Those two have been destined since she was eleven. Aiden had no clue back when he was training, making sure his grades were sound and working toward the NHL, but Shelli did, and my strong girl goes for what she wants. I am so proud of her. Shelli is training to take my job one day—not yet; I still have a lot of owning to do—but she impresses me daily. She has some big plans, but Aiden has and always will be number one in that plan.

Shelli yells something to her sister, and my heart almost can’t take it. My baby stands, holding her little growing belly as she laughs. My baby girl is pregnant and married. It’s almost unbelievable since she said for so long that she never thought of herself as the married with family type, but all it takes is a special man to come along and change that. Boon Hoenes is that man. I’ve always adored Boon. He’s quiet and serious, but Posey brings out the best in him, as he does in her. He leans on the boards, sipping out of the Cup with a huge straw as Posey shakes her head.

“Did you imagine this when you were a kid? Drinking from the Cup just like that?” she calls to him. She isn’t quiet, which is good since she is coaching for the Assassins now. When she signed her new contract the other day, my proud meter burst. She has always been so play- and goal-driven. I wanted her to be a badass hockey player, but now, watching her coach, I realize that was her true calling.

Plus, it brought her Boon. With a goofy grin and excitement shining in his eyes, he replies, “Yup. Never thought my pregnant wife would be standing above me, judging me for it, though.”

She beams, her eyes a bit half lidded as she calls back to him, “I’m not judging. Just jealous I don’t get to do it.”

She doesn’t need to say more. With cheers from his team, he carries the Cup to her, and she leans over the rail to take a big swig. One would think she was chugging beer the way the guys are cheering her on. The laughter is contagious, and my heart is full. The new Stanley Cup Champions are a group of guys who didn’t have a chance at the beginning of the year. Hell, even at the beginning of the series, everyone wrote them off. They came back from a three-game deficit and showed why the Nashville Assassins are the best damn team in the NHL.

They showed why I handpicked them and believe in them. These boys are my second group of kids, and they drive me just as wild as my own do.