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Bite Me - Vampire Wardens Resurrection

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Lisa Renee Jones

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Eli Channing was just a man on top of the world, successful, married to Ivy, the woman of his dreams. Then one night, they’re attacked, and she’s murdered by vampires beyond salvation. Eli was saved, recruited to join the elite vampire wardens, a keeper of silence and peace between humans and other beings, but in his heart is the desire for revenge.
Nearly a century later, a woman named Ivy who writes fictional vampire novels appears in his path. This new Ivy stirs familiar feelings and dark primal passion in him. But she’s not his Ivy. Or is she?
Soon, Eli will discover what comes around goes around, and those we are connected to share a bond with us that cannot be broken. As Eli seeks the mystery of this new Ivy’s connection to him, he will come face to face with the vampire who killed his wife. And he will face the hard truth of why she died and how he might be to blame.

In a two part serial, readers will meet Eli’s new family, his vampire family, while they live the passion, danger, and power of guilt, revenge and love lost and found again. Don’t miss Bite Me, the first in what will open up a new world of paranormal excitement and romantic, eternal bonding of mates that you don’t want to miss!
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Lisa Renee Jones




Ivy and I walk arm and arm down a New York City street, the chill of a September eve in the air, with the promise of more cold weather soon. Tonight was her birthday celebration, complete with dinner and a show, and when we get back home, there’s her favorite pineapple upside-down cake waiting on her, compliments of my mother. My mother has always loved Ivy. My father was another story. To him, she was beneath our status. A farm girl who came into the bank begging for help to save her family property. He’d declined her. And she’d run out of the bank and smack into me.

I’d been enamored.

And I turned a no into a yes.

“What are you thinking?” she asks, brushing her hand over my jaw.

“I remember the first time I met you,” I say.

“You were my hero, Eli,” she declares, snuggling in tighter under my arm.

Not that day, I think, of me being her hero, but soon after. My father can be a stubborn old bat, but in the end, she won him over. I married her a year later. Her parents passed a year after that, a month apart. I’d promised her then that she would never be alone. It’s a promise I will keep for the rest of my life.

Our carriage awaits with a lantern and a driver, and I help her into the rear passenger seat, pulling a blanket around her and giving Cam, my buddy who is playing driver tonight after our real driver bailed on me, a thumb’s up once we’re loaded. Cam’s family owns the carriage company that operates across most of the country.

“You look good in that seat, Cam,” she teases.

He winks at her. “Anything for you, my lady.”

And he means it. Ivy has a way of winning over everyone she meets with nothing but pure charm and kindness. I’m not sure any of us knew how much we needed that in our lives until she showed up.

Cam sets us into motion into the darkness and Ivy and I talk about the evening, about a party we’ll attend this coming weekend, and about her new horse, Cassandra. “I still can’t believe you named your horse Cassandra.”

“It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful animal.”

“And what will you call our daughter?”

“We aren’t pregnant,” she says. “And since we’ve been trying for two years, we both know we’re not going to be pregnant.”

“God works in mysterious ways,” I assure her solemnly. “When the time is right, the time will be just that—right. We’ll have our baby girl.”

“Or boy,” she reminds me. “A boy to be like his daddy. I’d like that.”

The hope in her voice with these words has me in full agreement. “Or a boy,” I concur, hoping for the sooner than later of this equation. She needs family, our family. She snuggles in close to me, under my arm, and sighs, pulling her journal from her skirt pocket. “Always writing,” I say.

“I am,” she says, showing me what she’s been working on most recently. To my surprise, it says, “The story of Eli and his sons and daughters.”

My heart swells with this entry in her feminine script that tells me her hope, and head is still exactly where mine is when it comes to starting our little family. I cup her face and lean in, our lips close. “It will happen. Wait and see.”

Suddenly, we halt with a shout from Cam. Ivy and I jolt upward, and I find Cam holding his shotgun. Adrenaline surges and I grab the weapon under my seat and place myself in front of Ivy. I blink in shock as Cam is literally ripped from the front of the carriage in what can only be a wild animal attack. Desperate to save him and protect Ivy, I begin shooting into the darkness. Ivy screams from behind me and I reach for her, but she’s gone.

I turn toward the sound and a man lands on the seat above me. He snarls like an animal, fangs protruding from his mouth. I shoot him and shoot him again. The bullets do nothing to him, nothing at all. He grabs me, yanks me to him and those fangs dig into my neck. Pain pierces my body and a moment later, the world goes dark.



For most people, sunset is a time of calm and rest. For those like me, it’s about the pulse of life, about sex, satisfaction, blood, and war. Because like all vampire wardens, we are the line between humanity and the monsters humans believe to be a myth. Tonight, this vampire is all about poker. I’m in the rear of a downtown Denver bar in a private room at a table of twelve, two of which are my vampire warden blood brothers, Cam and Rocco. Blood brothers in the way of the vampires, born of one maker. Humans can’t understand this bond. On any level. They see me with light brown hair and blue eyes, Rocco with dark hair and brown eyes, and Cam with blond hair and green eyes, as different.