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Best Served Cold.

For one glorious summer when Jackson had been seventeen, he’d been able to avoid his mother’s illness, his dad’s cruelty, and his grandfather’s evil. For once he had been able to forget that he was the heir to monsters and for what had been the best moment of his life Jackson Broward had been loved by Annix Cordass.

Then the monsters had seen Jackson kissing the wrong boy, and they had decided to punish Annix by taking everything he had.

Jackson had been helpless to stop it, and helpless to explain why he had turned his back on him.
Now Annix was back.

And he was going to make Jackson pay.


Chapter One

It was his eyes Jackson was drawn to first, even if Annix wasn’t looking at him. Brown irises like molten chocolate that slid over Jackson’s skin and sent warmth tripping along raw nerve endings, teasing him, making him want more than he knew would ever be possible. He hadn’t changed. Maybe some lines at the corners of his full lips. The odd gray hair where it had always been jet-black. The same athletic build he’d had nearly nine years ago.

Confident Annix was too distracted by the sound of the auctioneer to notice him, Jackson let his eyes roam for a moment and looked his fill, so much it could only be described as gluttony. The suit had to be made for him. Something designed, not to conceal or contain, but to showcase. Nothing off the rack could restrain all that raw power. Jackson’s fingers itched to smooth the fabric that clung to Annix’s broad shoulders and seemed to glide over that massive chest, clinging in obedient precision to his hips. As if it dared not do anything else.

He noticed the slight frown that pulled at Annix’s mouth as he glanced down at the auction catalogue. Why was he here? To revel in the humiliation? But then why was he irritated in something that was listed? Maybe he thought that Jackson should just give everything away to atone for his crimes?

Except some things could never be forgiven.

Jackson’s nostrils flared as he pulled in a deep breath, desperate to catch the scent of Annix’s barely-there aftershave which was as enticing as ever. There was a time he would have happily bathed in it or drowned maybe. That smell and those eyes had fueled his every teenage delusion from the second he’d laid eyes on the man cutting his dad’s lawn one baking-hot May day so many years ago. Annix had been hired to help over the summer and one afternoon, Jackson had glanced up from where he was poring over his books as usual to see a vision stalking toward him and simply fallen in love. It had been immediate and all-consuming, and Jackson would never forget that moment as long as he lived, despite the desperate wishes over the many years that followed that he could do just that.

Clearly too hot in more ways than one, Annix had grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it over his head to reveal the sort of bare chest and abs people prayed for. Jackson didn’t believe in God, but he was convinced that divine intervention had put Annix on Earth just so Jackson could drool over him. He must have done something worthwhile for that gift.

Not that Annix noticed him. Not that day anyway. Sometimes at his lowest points in the years that followed he wished Annix had never seen him at all, but he knew he was lying to himself.

“Jackson.” Jackson winced at his dad’s voice, closed his book, and hurried out of the barn. He might wish he could have stayed hidden but knew it would only make Dad angrier if he had to call him more than once. He still scowled when he saw him though. “The Petersons are here.”

Jackson looked blankly at his dad. The Petersons? Who—

“With their daughter,” his dad bit out, temper fraying as usual. “Come with me and see if you can possibly refrain from embarrassing everyone.”

Just then Michael, their gardener, rounded the corner with Annix in tow, and Jackson knew right away they had heard what Father had said. He felt heat rush through his skin, but his dad had already turned away. Even though Jackson desperately wanted to duck his head, those brown eyes softened, and a small sympathetic smile teased at Annix’s lips. For a moment, Jackson was too stunned to move until Michael nodded at him and he realized what he was doing.

He hurried to catch up with his dad.

“Who was that?” his dad barked out.

“Michael’s summer help I assume,” Jackson said as casually as he could.


Jackson shrugged. “No idea.”

But he should have known. He should have known his dad wouldn’t have let that answer go.

Jackson held himself still and unnoticed while the auctioneer droned on. He knew his reprieve wouldn’t last but, used to making himself a ghost, he could spend a little longer wrapped up in the dream. Fantasize for a moment that he wasn’t Jackson Broward. Wish that he and the rest of his shitty family hadn’t treated Annix Cordass like a piece of dirt.