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Beneath the Fallen Stars

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Kaylee Ryan

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I’ve never had anyone look at me the way he looks at me, like I could be his whole world.
Ford is different from other guys. For starters, he doesn’t know about my troubled past—the one this small town won’t let me forget, no matter how hard I try. Being with him, I can be myself. Without judgment. Without pretending. He’s unlocked a part of me I wasn’t sure still existed.
Just as quickly as we find each other, it’s time to say goodbye. Ford might feel a world away, but reading his letters and sharing starry nights with him keeps us close until I can be back in his arms.
From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I needed more time.
While on leave with my best friend from the Army, I finally meet his cousin, Shayne. She’s unexpected—in the best of ways. I quickly realize she could be exactly who I need her to be—my everything.
As long as my life belongs to the military, I can only offer her promises and distance. Maybe getting in involved while enlisted is a mistake, but I’m not ready to let her go. From afar, we find something neither of us was looking for, and it’s all possible beneath the fallen stars.
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Kaylee Ryan

Chapter 1


There was never a doubt that I would be a soldier. The Gregory family tree is full of them, and I grew up listening to my dad and my grandad talk about the brotherhood and the satisfaction of serving our country. I wanted to be just like them. When I turned eighteen, the three of us, along with my mother, went to the Army recruiter’s office together. An hour later, I was enlisted.

I will never forget that day, or the feeling of doing something good, something bigger than myself.

Basic was hell, but I expected it. The purpose was to tear us down, only to build us back up again. I knew that, and mentally I was ready. There were many who weren’t and many who didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t one of them.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the loneliness and the longing for home. I miss my family with a fierceness I didn’t know I was capable of. They write all the time, and Mom is constantly sending me and my platoon care packages. My buddy Chad benefits the most. When I call home, he’s always there chiming in and laying on the charm when it comes to Mom. She’s already fallen for his charisma.

Chad and I made it through basic together. Unlike me, Chad is a first-generation soldier. His parents were supportive, but it took them some time to get used to the idea. The way he tells it, it’s just him and his little sister, Cassie, and their cousin Shayne to carry on the family name. That was an issue for his family, but they’ve since accepted his desire and need to be a soldier.

“Two more days,” Chad says from his spot next to me.

We’re stationed overseas. It’s been a long nine months, but we’re finally going home. If all goes well, we’ll be home for a while before we get shipped off again. Regardless, when we get our orders, we’ll go. We’re soldiers. That’s what we do.

“Two very long days,” I say, tilting my head back and looking up at the night sky. It’s a quiet muggy night here in the desert, but the stars are bright, and this time next week, we’ll be stateside.

“You’re still coming home with me, right?” Chad asks.

“Yeah. Mom and Dad are on a cruise, so I’ll stay with you for a week or so before heading home to Ohio.”

“You mean until we head home to Ohio,” he jokes.

“You’re really only going to visit with your family for a week?” I ask him.

“No. I’m going to visit them for a week, then I’m going to follow your ass home to make sure you make it okay. Your momma would have my ass if you detoured and got hitched or something.” He laughs. “Besides, I’m just a few hours from home. You do know that Kentucky and Ohio border one another, right?”

“Ha ha, very funny, smartass. Yes, I’m aware. As for Mom, she’d probably be thrilled if I got hitched. Just as long as she got to meet her and there were talks of grandkids in the future.”

“Nah, Momma Gregory would want to be there.” He taps his temple. “I know these things.”

“Sure, she might be disappointed, but the happiness of the potential for a grandchild would win out.”

“You think the stars are shining this bright back home?” he asks after a few minutes of silence passes between us.

“In some spots,” I say. “As long as it’s outside of the city.”

“I grew up on a farm, and I don’t ever remember the stars being this bright.”

“We took them for granted.” I didn’t grow up on a farm, but we do live in the country. I never took the time to look up at the stars, but out here in the desert, there’s not much else to do. It’s still stifling hot at night, so Chad and I have gotten into a routine of sitting outside the tents when we’re not on patrol.

“Does your mom know I’m coming home with you?” he asks.

“Nope, but she’s not going to care. I wasn’t certain you’d made up your mind the last time I spoke to her. What about yours?”

“Yeah, I told her not to make fun of your ugly mug,” he says, laughing at his own joke.

“Come on now. You know the panties will be dropping when I walk into the room,” I quip.

“Dude, my hometown is so small. You’re going to be disappointed.”

“I’m good with small. Chasing women in the big city is not my style.”

“All this panty-dropping talk, and then you come back with that it’s not your style.”

I can feel his gaze on me. “I’m being real. I’m not one to play the field. Sure, I could get my dick wet, but I want more than that. Pussy is pussy, man. You don’t need to sample them all. You just need one that is attached to a good heart, and take it from there.”