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Who would say no to a free trip to the Caribbean? Me, if it was offered by the wrong person. When my aunt interrupts my cycle of self-sabotage, she sends me away to a resort that she claims eases her own mind and worries. Naïve, I take the offer. What is only told in the small print is that this resort is different. Different as in a nudist paradise. I’m freaking out. How will I get through this week from hell?

School is out and it is summer vacation. On a teacher’s salary, my options to escape are limited. Not this break. This break I will carry my fine ass to Jamaica and run around the beautiful island au naturel. These plans come to a halt when a handsome sulking stranger asks for my help. He’s too fine to deny but do I really want to get involved? What’s in it for me?




"It's a clown with fangs and he has a bat with one wing on his shoulder. They chase me and I can't escape. Every step I run, I become smaller and smaller, and the clown becomes bigger and bigger until I am a mouse under his enormous, squeaky, red shoes."

There comes a time when a person permanently disconnects from reality. Like autumn strips branches of their leaves, time plucks sanity from the mind. For me, that time is now. I, Xavier Lewis, am losing my shit and succumbing to the rogue clown in my nightmares. I spend nights grinding a hole into my jaw from my tormented subconscious and live my days questioning my existence entirely.

Am I the clown?

Or the bat?

Maybe I am a rodent trying to escape the heavy foot of a doomed life. Life is the clown, a clown that never stops telling sick jokes. The sick joke is life

It's dark. I can't see anything. Just like that I forget my eyes are closed. Only the sound of scribbling fills the silence. I have no view of Dr. Frank Elvay, but I am sure that I had broken my therapist. Technically, he is not mine, but I am leasing him for the morning. It is now two in the afternoon. "How often do you have these dreams, Xavier?"

"Three times a week."

"And you said you can see your demise in these nightmares?"

"I wake up before I die." The pin drop silence afterwards kills me. It gives me time to think the absolute worse. "Does this mean I am going to die?"

"It means you can't sleep," he says plainly. "Something is bothering you and for some reason you aren't revealing what that reason is."

This therapy thing is confusing. I thought that if I sit on the couch and tell him my deepest fears, Dr. Elvay will fix me. This works for my aunt, and no one is more psychologically complex than Victoria Lewis. Her personal, high-paid, Ivy league shrink has more than enough material to fix me. On his clipboard lays notes about my rational fears, dislikes, and mundane thoughts about life.

"To be honest, Dr. Elvay, I am not sure what is bothering me."

"Understandable. Why don't we move away from your nightmares and fear of..." He glances down at his clipboard. "...getting roaches from your next-door neighbor—"

"That's a real fear, by the way."

"Never said it wasn't," he assures, but I don't believe him. "How is school?"

"School?" He nods at the forest-green scrubs I am wearing. "Oh! Yes, school is... well, school is... cool."


"Yes, school is cool."

"And so, you are in fact training to cut open real human beings, correct?" He eyes me apprehensively.

"Yes, I just finished my second year of med school. My goal is to focus on general surgery but that all depends on if I pass the Step."

Dr. Elvay glances up from his clipboard. "Step?"

"United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1. The test determines if you retained anything you've learned and if you have what it takes to be a doctor."

Damn, it is hot in here. Above is a fully functional air vent that must be sucking the heat from outside and blowing it directly on my scalp. Tugging at the collar of my scrubs eases the heat a little. I close my eyes to not focus on the temperature. Darkness floods back in.

"Yes, I'm familiar with the Step." Dr. Elvay’s voice drops an octave.

It is unusual, alarming, but not enough to stop me from talking.

"The test is a big deal. I only have a couple weeks to prepare until I take it. Which is... uncool."

I’m drifting behind closed lids, floating away from reality…

"Xavier!" Dr. Elvay says clearly.

I jerk back into consciousness. My breathing is shallow and hard to control. Dr. Elvay worriedly eyes me. "What just happened?"

"You dosed off, Xavier."

"Jesus Christ." Pinching the bridge of my nose halts the exhaustion that begs to take over. “How long was I asleep?”