Autumn Sky (Lake Lyla #2) Read Online Jenna Starly

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Autumn must prove to herself that she doesn’t always need to be one of a pair – but she also really needs a date to her sister’s wedding.
Billionaire and space entrepreneur Ren insists a faux girlfriend is the only way to keep fortune hunters at bay when he serves as keynote speaker at an upcoming conference.
When her best friend and his assistant match them on a dating app, Autumn and Ren devise a fake romance plan that’ll fulfill both of their goals.
But complications arise when they begin spending time together in preparation for the events. Real feelings and undeniable chemistry threaten their charade.

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Chapter 1


“You've got a date.”

I'm barely in the door and I'm already confused.

“A da—? What?” I take a seat and untwirl the scarf from my neck and lay it over the back of my chair. It's early September but it already feels like deep fall. There's a low-lying fog outside and a chill in the air right outside Bernie's, my favorite coffee shop here in Lake Lyla. I brush the wind-swept hair from my forehead and remove my glasses so I can rub moisture off the lenses with the hem of my sweater. “Back up, girl,” I instruct.

My best friend Greta takes a deep breath both to prepare to exhale her flurry of words and also, clearly, to prevent herself from critiquing my apparent thick-headedness.

“You, Autumn Sky, have a date with a dude.”

I return my eyeglasses to my nose and raise my eyebrows as if to say, Continue, because I still don’t get it. If anyone knows that for the first time since puberty, I have absolutely zero interest in dating right now, it’s Greta.

She grows a tad sheepish. “Weeellll, I signed you up for a dating service – a very special dating service – and I’ve found you a great guy.”

Just then, Bernadette, the owner of Bernie's, arrives at our table with two mugs of espresso, steam swirling above the rims. She’s a few years older than us, around 30, and her curly blond hair, with its fun streaks of blue and pink, is mostly covered by a black beanie.

“Autumn, Greta, let me know what you think,” Bernadette says. “I'm experimenting with recipes for upcoming fall specials.”

Greta and I are such frequent customers that Bernadette often tests her rotating door of new seasonal concoctions on us. Lavender tea lattes in March, cold brews with coconut milk in June. She usually hits the mark but trusts us to give constructive critiques. I pick up the warm ceramic mug, which fits perfectly between my palms, and inhale the scent before taking a tablespoon-sized sip. It warms me from the tip of my toes covered in hand-knit socks to my head.

“Mmmm,” I say. “Do I detect hints of cinnamon? Or, wait, is it nutmeg?”

Bernadette smiles and points her finger at me, indicating that I nailed it.

“Thanks, Bern,” Greta says and then returns her gaze to me. “He’s a Virgo and let me tell you, you won’t find any two signs more devoted to each other than Virgo and Taurus. Virgos are practical, loyal. And they can be much more flexible than you stubborn Tauruses. Both earth signs.”

Astrology isn’t my thing — it’s Greta’s. But I never yuck her yum. After all, who am I to declare that the cosmos can’t sway love lives?

“So,” Greta continues, “want to hear about him?”

“Do I want to hear about the guy I'm allegedly going on a date with, something that I have sub zero interest in doing?”

Despite my sarcasm, I can't really blame Greta. I’ve only recently announced my commitment to being independent and uncoupled for the first time in my life. After Will, my most recent boyfriend, and I broke up right before the start of summer, it occurred to me that I’ve never been on my own, never truly been independent. Literally never – not even before I was born.

I’m a triplet and have always had my sisters, Summer and Winter, with me. Plus, Winter and I are identical and, as a result, have an especially intense bond. I'm so conditioned to being one of (at least) a pair that even when I went away to college – we three attended different universities – I found myself moving from romantic relationship to romantic relationship with basically no meaningful time on my own. In other words, I’m a textbook serial monogamist. I've always had — let’s face it, always needed — someone by my side. Sister, boyfriend.

Being a triplet comes with lifelong triangulation, which, I noticed a few months ago, has a similar ring to it as “strangulation.” And Winter, my identical sister, and I have that extra…something that comes with sharing all of our DNA, that unspoken telepathy typical for identical twins. I know when she’s coming down with a cold, even if we’re hundreds of miles apart. Having her close — literally or figuratively — gives me unparalleled comfort. When she began dating Luke, her first boyfriend in high school, spending lunches, nights and weekends with him, I felt utterly lost, adrift. Without her constantly near, I didn’t know who I was. Summer, being the non-identical triplet, had already separated, spending most of her free time with her best friend Jules. So I couldn’t turn to her. My grades suffered. Life felt gloomy.