Assassin’s Quest (Assassin of Onisea #2) Read Online Kira Stanley

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We delivered a deep cut to the enemy, but not deep enough.

Zayden, Rykon and Ajax are now in my corner, mostly, and working towards our goal—dethroning the evil king. Things get complicated as we try to make plans and Vance, the crown prince and my best friend, finds a solution. One that might save us a lot of time and bloodshed. The catch? The journey alone might kill us.
I’m nervous about going into the uncharted territory of the badlands, but that’s why I’m taking the guys with me. Ajax, who can fight beside me, Rykon, who can work in the shadows, and Zayden, who could talk the knife out of a cutthroat’s own hand.
After a lot of hardship and some eye-opening experiences, we finally get to our destination and are shocked with unbelievable news. News that might just destroy all the relationships I have carefully built around myself.
I can’t help but think, is getting rid of the king worth my life as I know it?


Chapter 1

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Men like Tristen and Lord Galvisten were the scum of the earth, and scum liked to seep into dark corners, away from the light when exposed. I should've known what was going to happen. My father tried so hard to break that pesky emotion out of me: hope. Even when I shouldn’t, even when experience has proven otherwise, I always clung to it, hoping for a better future. But he was right.

After I got the guys out of the prison, we made plans to meet at my place in five days time, making sure everything cooled down before we met up. We thought the guard had captured the major players red handed and a trial would be held with an insurmountable amount of evidence. That someone, any of them, would get put to death, but like my father always said - cockroaches don’t die until you stab them, burn them and watch them take their last breath by your hands.

Later, we learned that Lord Galvisten influenced people into believing he wasn’t present at the auction. That he never stepped into that warehouse, that he was a victim of misinformation. This led us to believe that he somehow got out before any of the guards Vance sent saw or caught him. I specifically asked Vance to send guards he couldn’t bribe for that very reason. For those that got caught, and said he was there, they were conveniently hushed or killed while being detained. When the prisoners were on their regular duty, to patch the castle cliff side as their punishment, he managed to take out three of the main witnesses to him being there the day of. Surprise Surprise.

Also, Zayden’s father, Tristen, slipped the guards and was on the run. He made Romo in charge of the pleasure guild until he returned. He wanted them to know that he was just hiding until the heat of the situation backed off, which he swore that it would. I was sure he was told that it would.

From how Zayden sounded, it seems his father expressed some threatening elements before his departure. He didn't say that of course, but I saw his hands clench when relaying the news and his eyes were constantly searching dark corners while he was on the streets. I read between the lines. It made my blood boil when I brought it up and he joked it off with a laugh and a wave of his hand.

I hated that piece of shit he called a father. Just that small glimpse I saw of how he treated Zayden made me want to kill him. Run my blade cleanly through his kidneys as I watched his eyes slowly close for the last time. Maybe I would, once all of this was done. It would be a parting gift to him, killing his father and removing that threat from his life. Then he could be free, like Zayden should be.

I stayed low for a week, not taking any jobs or really going out in daylight a lot, but that was about as much as I could take. After seven boring days of training indoors, I called our first meeting. Vance, Ajax, Zayden, Rykon, and Ruby met up at my apartment to talk about the objectives and plans we wanted to make. When we sat down, Ruby ran right into the kitchen. I could hear the clatter of plates and silverware. I almost called out to tell her not to bother but My eyes caught hers as she turned. She gave me those puppy dog eyes, begging me to let her do this, the thing she was good at for us. I nodded and as soon as the tea hit the table I quickly drank some and thanked her for it. Soon the others followed my lead and she was beaming at all of us.