Ace of Seduction (Fate of the Demigods #1) Read Online Brittni Chenelle

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Take my advice, as it might save your life: Never make a deal with Hades.

And while you’re at it, don’t let his sexy degenerate son seduce you—as if you’d be able to resist him. The Ace of the Underworld always gets exactly what he wants.
I’ve been trying to fly under the radar my whole life. With angry Gods from every known mythology claiming slices of our world, mortals all live in fear. But at least the Gods keep their distance. Their arrogant, cruelly beautiful offspring seem to relish tormenting us.
I would have continued to take their punches in silence, but they made a huge mistake when they took my sister, Quinn. My only option now is to do the unthinkable and sell my soul to Hades. I’ll have one chance to save her, but that means aligning myself with the sexiest, most dangerous Demigod of them all.




One drop of divinity is all it takes to be a Demigod… and a jerk, apparently. My breath caught in my chest as searing hot coffee seeped through my shirt, the foam dripping from my ear in globs as the caramel moved like a river of lava into my bra.

No. He. Didn’t.

The patron grinned at me with his coffee cup still positioned over my head as he shook the last few drops out onto me.

“I meant mocha,” he said without one ounce of sympathy, his divine glow filling my peripherals despite my best efforts not to make eye contact.

“Y-you said caramel.”

“I didn’t ask what I said, mortal. Fix it.”

And to think my morning had started off so well. My mother had been too hungover to harass me, and I’d spotted a frog on my way to work. I had been optimistic my good fortune was leading me to find a big fat letter from Quinn explaining why she’d been out of touch for the last six months. Then this colossal dickhead waltzed into the café, instantly causing my day to take a nosedive.

I tugged at my shirt, trying to determine how badly I was burned, but adrenaline masked the pain. The insult of it, however, stung like the keen claw marks Hades’s hellhounds left on flesh. My eyes instinctively moved to the set of uniform scars along my wrist from a run-in I’d had with them a few years back.

Hands shaking, the cup slipped from my grip, and I fumbled to recover it. I flicked my gaze to Levi in a subconscious cry for help as he crouched behind the counter like a kid playing hide and seek, his eyes making a silent plea not to draw attention to him—his fear a reflection of mine.

We all knew what would happen if you pissed off a Demigod. You’d go missing, and no one could do a thing about it. For a long time, I’d been the queen of keeping my head down, but that all stopped six months ago… when the letters did.

Rage mixed with the steam that radiated from my body, amplified by the heat of the coffee now sliding down my stomach, its stickiness cooling as it gathered above my belt. With my focus locked firmly on restraint, I started the order again.

“My apologies.”

I felt myself wilt as he hovered over me with his luminescent intimidation, my face red hot as I furiously pumped mocha syrup. It had been some time since we’d had a Demigod in The Hades District—It’s why so many of us moved here after The Surrender. Hades was a busy God, unlike Poseidon, who regularly thrashed his district on the west coast whenever he felt their loyalties shift. Hades had more important things to do than worry about mortals. He had quarrels with other Gods and Demigods, plus his claim on part of the underworld. Our little district wasn’t really on his radar. As for the Demigods, none of them wanted to risk getting on Hades’ bad side, so aside from the hellhounds, life in his district went on almost like before the whole world went to shit.

It was more than a little unlucky that one had just happened upon my café.

“I can see your nipples,” he commented matter-of-factly, gleefully adding insult to injury.

My aggravated gaze rose to meet him. He was fair-haired and muscular—beautiful and wicked as they all were—and looked no older than his mid-twenties, though he could have been centuries older. It was hard not to be in awe by his appearance alone. Everything about his kind seemed otherworldly, and until now, I’d done a decent job of keeping my distance from them.

I had every intention of spitting in his coffee, but a sudden realization halted me. He’s a Demigod. Maybe he knows where Quinn is.

My pride tasted bitter and acidic as I forced myself to swallow it. It crushed my soul, but I smiled coyly and prepared to be as charming as I could tolerate.